Labor Movements

Labor movements in the US and around the world have been at the center of progressive social change for many generations. In the US, without labor union struggles we would have no child labor laws, no worker safety and worker compensation laws, no unemployment insurance, no social security, no Medicare, and far less social justice across an array of issues.

Labor played a key role in the Ciivil Rights and Chicano/a movements. Groups like the Coalition of Labor Union Women have been tireless in fighting for women's rights in and beyond the workplace.

The links below tell some of the history of labor movement cultures in the US, both historically and as an ongoing, newly energized, ethnically and gender diverse movement, will be a key to widening the agenda of progressive change for decades to come.

Featured Site

  • Labor Culture. Excellent set of resources collected by Lincoln Cushing on various aspects of culture (art, literature, film, music, multimedia, etc.) in relation to past and current labor struggles; from the Institute of Industrial Relations Library.

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