Featured Sites

  • ScreenSite. The single most useful academic film and television studies site. Includes links for production, history, audience analysis, and much more.
  • TV Tropes Amusing and insightful take on the recurring conventions and devices used in mainstream television programs.

General Sites

  • After Ellen. A site with news and reviews on queer women in television and other media.
  • ClassicTV. Good resource on TV shows from the 1950s onward.In addition to show information, the site includes accessto theme songs, fashions and other TV-related materials.
  • E-server: Film and Television Articles Online. More than sixty scholarly articles on television.
  • Hulu Free access to many old and current TV shows, with upgrade to even more comprehensive pay site.
  • IMDB While better known as a film site, IMDB is also generally the most comprehensive site for basic data about television shows past and present.
  • Jump the Shark. This site looks at TV shows and the moment in which they "jumped the shark," or hit their peak then went downhill. It also has information on current shows.
  • MediaFiends. Reality TV news site with a reality TV schedule and links to other sources.
  • MZTV Museum. Fun site with lovely pictures of classic radios and television sets; lends itself to a semiotic analysis of how changing aesthetic styles in TV sets might reflect cultural changes.
  • Queery's TVGayGuide. Sort of the queer TV Guide, with a daily schedule of television programming (as well as movies) with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queercharacters or topics related to queer issues.
  • Reality Blurred. A reality TV news digest with news on all reality TV since 2000.
  • Television: Critical Methods and Approaches The companion website to the excellent TV studies book of the same name by Jeremy Butler.
  • TVcom. Previously tv tome, an excellent source for information on most any show, including tv listings, show summaries, episode guides, casting information, news, videos, images, reviews and a fan forum.
  • TV Guidemagazine. Useful commercial site for tracking trends in TV watching.
  • VanderbiltUniversity TV News Archive. Key resource for anyoneexamining the past and present of TV news programming. Includes a database with written summaries of news broadcasts, and on-demand video copiesof broadcasts.
  • Online Articles

    TV Programs: Some Old, Some Actiive, Some Well-known, Some Almost Unknown, Many Weird

    Includes some "Official" sites, and some examples of the often much more interesting sites made by "Fans"

    Network Sites