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General Sites

  • Empowering Women in Sports. Part of a series on empowering women, by the Feminist Majority Foundation.
  • Gender Equity in Sports. A research project at the University of Iowa, dealing primarily with Title IX (which bans sex discrimination in school academics and athletics), and its ongoing repercussions.
  • Sociology of Sport On-Line (SOSOL). An online journal publishing academic papers on a range of sport- and sociology-related topics.
  • SportsJones. Interesting block taking sports back from the loudmouthed, cynical, corporate sports media.

Online Articles and Sites of Interest

Leagues, Associations, Etc.

  • NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • NASCAR. National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.
  • MLB. Major League Baseball.
  • NBA. National Basketball Association.
  • WNBA. Women's National Basketball Association.
  • BCA. Billiards Congress of America.
  • WBA. World Boxing Association.
  • PBA. Professional Bowling Association.
  • NFL. National Football League.
  • PGA. Professional Golfers’ Association.
  • LPGA. Ladies' Professional Golfers' Association.
  • NHL. National Hockey League.
  • IOC. International Olympic Committee.
  • Federation of Gay Games.
  • Special Olympics.
  • MLS. Major League Soccer.
  • USSF. United States Soccer Federation.
  • FIFA. Federation Internationale de Football Association.
  • USTA. United States Tennis Association.
  • USATF. USA Track and Field.
  • USPV. USA Volleyball.
  • WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment.

Magazines, Networks, Shows, Etc.