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  • Empowering Women in Sports. Part of a series on empowering women, by the Feminist Majority Foundation.
  • Gender Equity in Sports. A research project at the University of Iowa, dealing primarily with Title IX (which bans sex discrimination in school academics and athletics), and its ongoing repercussions.
  • Sociology of Sport On-Line (SOSOL). An online journal publishing academic papers on a range of sport- and sociology-related topics.
  • SportsJones. Interesting block taking sports back from the loudmouthed, cynical, corporate sports media.

Online Articles and Sites of Interest

eSports and Gaming Competitions

Despite the divided popular opinion if esports are a legitimate sport or not, it is a growing trend which has exploded in popularity over the last 5 years. With many gaming leagues and tournaments now rivaling the viewership and prize pools of professional sports organizations it is a culture which cannot be easily ignored. Though some segments of gaming culture can be quite inflammatory, and dominate the online discourse regarding the legitimacy of eSports, much care has been given to provide as much insight as possible into both positions regarding this topic.

Leagues, Associations, Etc.

  • BCA. Billiards Congress of America.
  • Commonwealth Games.
  • Federation of Gay Games.
  • FIE. Fédération Internationale d'Escrime, aka the International Fencing Federation. Olympic governing body of fencing.
  • FIFA. Federation Internationale de Football Association.
  • Formula One.
  • IAAF. International Association of Athletics Federations.
  • IOC. International Olympic Committee.
  • IPC. International Paralympic Committee.
  • LPGA. Ladies' Professional Golfers' Association.
  • Le Tour de France.
  • MLB. Major League Baseball.
  • MLS. Major League Soccer.
  • NASCAR. National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.
  • NBA. National Basketball Association.
  • NCAA. National Collegiate Athletic Association.
  • NFL. National Football League.
  • NHL. National Hockey League.
  • PBA. Professional Bowling Association.
  • NPB. Nippon Professional Baseball, Japan's baseball league.
  • PASO. Pan American Sports Organization.
  • PGA. Professional Golfers’ Association.
  • Special Olympics.
  • UFC. Ultimate Fighting Championship, world's largest mixed martial arts association.
  • USATF. USA Track and Field.
  • USPV. USA Volleyball.
  • USSF. United States Soccer Federation.
  • USTA. United States Tennis Association.
  • WBA. World Boxing Association.
  • WNBA. Women's National Basketball Association.
  • WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment.

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