General Pop/Rock

  • All Music Guide As the name suggest, a very comprehensive guide to all forms of pop, rock and related musics.
  • Alternative Music Press An eclectic source on interesting trends in music from rock to classical to folks.
  • Archives of African American Music and Culture Includes blues, jazz, classical and other musical forms shaped by African Americans.
  • ArtistDirect: Music Very comprehensive mainstream site with links to message boards, chat rooms, fan sites, and news on performers.
  • Billboard Magazine Long the main industry magazine, famous for its top sellers charts. Site includes much useful info, especially on the business side of pop music.
  • Experience Music Project Located non-virtually in a stunning Frank Gehry designed building in Seattle, this virtual sight includes much great info on the history and present of rock music.
  • Lyrics World Excellent collection of lyrics to all Top 40 songs in every year from 1930 to 1999.
  • MTV Online Good commercial source for videos and information on mainstream music scene.
  • Very comprehensive commercial site for info on the industry and locating music online.
  • Rockmine A gold mine archive of non-commercial info on rock music, past and present.
  • Rolling Stone Magazine Good source for reviews and other information on current music scene.
  • Society for American Music Includes online access to the society's journal.
  • Union Songs Unique archive of lyrics (and sometimes music) to labor union songs through the decades.
  • VH1 Online Another major commercial source for pop and rock videos.
  • You Tube Music Videos Excellent resource current music videos, some classic ones and a few emerging artists from outside the mainstream.

Music Journals Online

Online Articles

TV (Reed's) Guide to People You Should Listen to More

Hip-Hop Culture and Rap


  • Blues Access Online: the “Distinctive Blues Magazine”
  • The Blues Foundation History, awards, and preservation of the blues legacy.
  • Blues History
  • BluesNet: the Internet’s Blues Resource Centre
  • Early Blues Information about blues artists, records, and festivals and links to other blues websites.
  • Maxwell Street Blues A history of the famous street that helped launch the careers of many Chicago blues musicians.
  • Mudcat Cafe Includes extensive database of lyrics to delta & other blues, as well as folk songs, and many other nice features.
  • Robert Johnson Notebooks “Lyrics and other info on the great blues man who sold his soul to devil before he had a chance to sell it to a record company exec.”


Further Reference

Select Bibliography

Few topics on popular culture can be adequately researched on the Web alone. These reading suggestions are designed as beginning points for further offline study.

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Wide-ranging anthology for advanced study. See especially essays by Herbert, Titon, Stokes, and Laing.
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Best collection of essays on political pop music and benefit rock.
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One of the better introductory texts.
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Sophisticated analysis of the relations among MTV videos, consumer culture, and the psychodynamics of identity formation in youth.
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Excellent collection of essays on rock, rap, heavy metal, dance scenes, and the youth cultures that surround them.
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Fine set of essays on popular music and dissonant sexualities.

For an extensive bibliographic resource, see the Popular Music Studies Database of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music.