Censorship is a complex issue often creating unlikely political allies. Most people think of sexuality when they hear the word censorship, and censoring sex has certainly been an obsession in the US. The rise of the World Wide Web has raised the issue once more, as pornography has become far more widely available than ever before. in need of censorship than sex. Some of these are the same folks who wish to control sexual representations, some are of a quite different political bend. There are others who believe that violent representation is more damaging than any representation of sexuality could be. And still others would censor political views deemed extreme.

Beyond these there is another kind of censorship, one far less talked about. It is represented by the Benetton parody ad on this page. One might call it censorship by corporate power - all the ways in which a more complicated and diverse flow of information is stifled by the profit motive that is the bottom line of corporate media. The sites below raise questions about all these kinds of censorship, and others.

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