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  • The Vogue Archive Every issue of Vogue, arguably the world's most famous fashion mag, since 1892 (requires subscription).

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  • Camo Chic?. YouTube video of a parody fashion show commenting on the militarization of fashion through such things a camouflage chic.


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  • Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies. Rich site for investigating all aspects of cyberculture. Includes bibliographies, reviews, course links, interviews with cyber theorists/critics, and more. Excellent resource run by David Silver.

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Here are several centrally important, multi-issue academic sites that can direct you to specific resources for the study or popular culture, and large commercial sites that provide extensive quick links to examples of popular culture and popular counter-cultures to examine.

X. (British) Cultural Studies

British Cultural Studies (BCS), or the Birmingham School (named for its founding University of Birmingham (UK) Centre for Cultural Studies) is a broad-ranging interdisciplinary approach that has existed for several decades, running more or less parallel to AS, fulfilling some of its functions but differing in significant ways.

Online Cultural Theory Sites

I. On the Genealogy of American Studies

This historical overview section lists books and articles that trace the rise of American Studies (henceforth AS) as a discipline or interdiscipline, in terms of its theoretical concerns and/or its institutional contexts. Recent theory has reminded us that origin stories are powerful determining forces, and thus these (and my) tales of the growth and development of the discipline should be read both for what they say and for what they may leave out, read both for their truths and their partialities.


While the problem of historical theory and method is obviously of great interest to professional historians,this category is an interdisciplinary one in that the problem of "historicizing"one's subjects and objects of analysis is faced by virtually all fields andis certainly central to the interdisciplinary field of AS.

III. Interpretive Social Science

Beginning in the early seventies, there is in general a rise in the influence of anthropology and sociology in AS. Central here is a move away from a concept of "culture" as the high arts (drawn from the literary origins of AS) to a more anthropological notion of "culture" as patterns in a whole way of life. While the more positivist social sciences have had some impact on AS (primarily through their use by social historians), a more general influence has come from the hermeneutic human sciences, those stressing the unavoidably interpretive nature of all social analysis.

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