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  • All Music Guide As the name suggest, a very comprehensive guide to all forms of pop, rock and related musics.
  • Alternative Music Press An eclectic source on interesting trends in music from rock to classical to folks.

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Class in Pop Culture

Issues of class in US pop culture have received far less attention than gender and race (the opposite tends to be true in Britain where class was for a long time the dominant pop issue). Recent work on the political economy of culture has slightly improved the picture, but much more work needs to be done.

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Pop Bibliography

Adorno, T.W. The Cultural Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture.. London: Routledge, 1991.
Classic essays from a leader of the Frankfurt School of cultural studies.
Allen, Robert C. Speaking of Soap Operas. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1985.
Though dated in subject matter, this remains an excellent study of the production and consumption of daytime soap operas.


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  • Screensite. The most complete academic film and TV studies site on the Web. Excellent on production and cultural analysis.

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Production Analysis

Production and political economic analysis of popular culture have several distinct dimensions. One dimension focuses on media ownership, stressing the fact that more and more of the American mass media is owned by fewer and fewer, very large corporations. The argument usually made is that this “media monopoly” homogenizes content and limits coverage of controversial views, especially those critical of corporate capitalism.


  • Bad Subjects. “Political Education for Everyday Life.” Dedicated to progressive political interpretations of culture. Take the link to all the back issues to find many articles on a variety of subjects.
  • Boston Review. A political and literary forum, with specific sections on poetry, fiction, and film.
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