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A discussion listserv sponsored by the Environment and Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association treats a number of issues in environmental cultural studies, including new books and articles, upcoming conferences, jobs, and issues within the scholarship surrounding this emerging field.

Environmental Justice Movement Resources

There are dozens of environmental justice organizations in the US and many dozens more around the world (often as part of what one author calls "environmentalism of the poor"). These are some of the more prominent organizations, but there are many more, including no doubt one in your region, wherever you are.

  • Action PA Pennsylvania-based grassroots EJ organization.

What is Environmental Justice Cultural Studies?

Environmental justice cultural studies is a branch of an emerging field that might be called "cultural environmental studies," or "environmental cultural studies." We give the name environmental justice cultural studies to work that analyzes and supports the movement that demonstrates how environmental problems cannot be solved apart from questions of economic and social justice, especially at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, colonialism and "nature."More concretely, environmental justice cultural studies seeks to

Environmental Justice in the Borderlands

The US-Mexico border region, and indigenous communities and communities of Mexican descent on both sides of the border, have been hard hit by environmental racism for generations. This small sampling of sites should lead interested folks to additional resources.

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Environmental Justice Literature

Over the centuries poets, fiction writers and "nature writers" from communities of color have been largely ignored or misread when they raised what we would now call ej concerns. That history is being slowly recovered. And increasing numbers of contemporary poets, fiction and creative non-fiction writers are dealing with issues of environmental racism and environmental justice, as it impacts various communities around the US and around the globe. Below are links to some of the best of those authors.

Community Technology

Community Technology refers to non-profit private and governmental efforts at the local level to extend technology access and literacy to citizens who might not otherwise have such access. Increasingly, designers of these efforts have come to realize that they will only succeed when their projects are aware of and sensitive to the particular, varied cultural contexts in which they take place.

Additional Reading

Below is a short, partially annotated list of important books and articles that raise key questions about various aspects of culture in relation to new media and cyberspaces but do not easily fit into to various categories of this site.

Online Digital Diversity Articles

Below is a set of links to some of the most important online articles treating various aspects of digital diversity.

Suggestions for additions or udpates to this list are always welcome.

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Centers and Journals on Digital Cultures

Below is a set of links to research centers and professional associations that do significant work in digital culture studies, as well as some online journals that frequently feature work on digital culture.

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