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Civil Rights Movements

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  • Black Lives Matter Touched off by a wave of high profile cases of racially motivated police violence, this vital current movement is raising a host of related civil rights issues around racially biased incarceration rates, the violence of poverty and ongoing structural racisms at all levels of society.
  • Civil Rights Movement Culture: History and Legacy

    Chicano/a Latino/a Movimientos

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    Labor Movements

    Labor movements in the US and around the world have been at the center of progressive social change for many generations. In the US, without labor union struggles we would have no child labor laws, no worker safety and worker compensation laws, no unemployment insurance, no social security, no Medicare, and far less social justice across an array of issues.

    Art Activism

    Art activism, both directly within movements and in the surrounding culture, has been a key element of social protest. Below are some general resources on the topic that give a sampling of the vast field and wide array of materials available online and in libraries. In addition to these resources, there are numerous sites and works of art activism cited in the various individual movement pages.

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    Slavery and Abolition

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    • “American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology.” A very rich resource from University of Virginia. Includes not only many of the best known slave narratives but excerpts from Works Progress Administration slave oral histories, including some sound recordings of ex-slaves telling their stories.
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