Cybersex & Cyberporn

Cybersexuality and cyberpornography have both sparked a great deal of controversy. The Internet has on the one hand opened up a new terrain of very "safe sex," and a positive space for sexual non-conformists. At the same time, it has negatively impacted many offline relations, and provided a new space for sexual predation and sexual exploitation of all kinds.

The Internet has also played the major role in what some call the "mainstreaming of pornography," the movement of porn from the dark corners of society into millions of homes. Pornography not only raises issues of sexual morality, but also has been deeply tied to an era of increased human sexual trafficking. Some argue it is impossible to partake of online pornography without indirectly supporting sexual exploitation. Others argue that "sex work" is often a choice, rather than a compelled activity, though all acknowledge that exploitative sex trafficking exists and is the basis of a significant amount of online pornographic content.

Some argue for censorship of online porn, but most critics opt instead for advancing better cultural education about licit and illicit sex industries, and the diverse, complex impacts of consuming pornography. The articles, books, and websites cited below take up these various concerns from a variety of perspectives.

Books and Articles on Cybersex and Cyberporn

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