Computers and the Environment

While the computer industry has an image as a "clean" business, in fact both the manufacture and the disposal of electronic devices involve serious dangers to people and the environment. Toxic workplaces and equally toxic e-waste (electronic waste) present major health issues. The US alone has over 500 million obsolete computers, with fewer than 10% being recycled.

Many people are working on these issues, and major "green computing" efforts are underway, but the problem remains a very serious one impacting thousands of people and many environments.

The issue is very much an environmental justice one since both the workers endangered in the US and around the world tend to be women and people of color, and because most of the e-waste is exported from the developed world and dumped on the Global South where protections for disassemblers are largely non-existent.

The videos and web sites below provide both information on these problems, and links to groups that are trying to help solve them.

Introductory Video and Written Analyses of the E-Waste Problem

Some Groups Working on Solutions

Selected Books and Articles

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