CulturalPolitics.net is a not-for-profit matrix of sites curated, written and managed by
T.V. Reed, with technical and design support from Jeff Kuure and Blair Beauchesne.

Reed is Buchanan Distinguished Emeritus Professor of American Studies and English at Washington State University.

These sites are designed for students, teachers, journalists, scholars, activists and anyone else interested in learning more about popular culture, digital cultures, social movements, environmental justice, and/or cultural theory. All the sites aim to demonstrate the importance of cultural forms and cultural force with regard to issues of social equality and inequality.

If you are looking for digital bells and whistles, glitter and glam, or interactive tricky wiki, this is probably not the site for you. What you will find instead is a lot of information meant to be as clear and accessible as possible.

Comments and suggestions about the sites can be sent to: cultpoli@gmail.com. Because the site is a one person project with over 100 subpages it is not possible to keep things as up-to-date as I would like despite an ever ongoing revision process.